Trendsetting production technology

The core competence of cms electronics is the realisation of customer requirements for the manufacture of electronic assemblies, systems and devices.



We owe our success to a spirit of innovation, continuous development of expertise in our workforce and a strategy of growth on the part of Management.

Expanding production capacities and dynamic further development of production technology at our sites in Austria, Hungary and Germany set the course for future projects.

The strengths of these facilities are strategically employed for the benefit of our customers, for example the low-cost structure of our Hungarian factory, specialisation in medical engineering and small batches in Germany or the high level of automation characterising our Austrian plant.

Our technology portfolio

Assembly technologies

Simple & efficient - high precision & hybrid


Taking physics to its limits...

Doubling of placement capacity, multiplying accuracy and boosting manufacturing output: clear reasons for customers to choose cms as its preferred partner and embark on shared growth. New requirements in the electronic market are the driving force behind further development in terms of miniaturisation, speed and producible levels of accuracy. This does not just call for selection of the right partners to accompany us on our way with strong commitment and intelligent solutions – it also requires a highly motivated workforce that understands customer requirements and can implement them effectively with innovative problem-solving skills. This ranges from tried and tested subcontracting for simple placement work to complex high-tech applications for the markets of tomorrow.

Surface mounting & connection technologies

Proven & reliable – innovative & flexible


We will stick together – for a lifetime...

This not only applies to the relationship we have with customers and partners, but especially to our products. All connection technologies available on the market can be used on an application-specific basis. It is possible here, depending on customer requirements, to choose between different degrees of automation, connecting media and processes, so combining these processes to achieve maximum reliability as well as cost optimisation.

Testing & analysis technologies

Standardised & cost-efficient – highly complex & individual


Quality has to be verified...

No-compromise test strategies are the basis for the zero defect philosophy pursued by cms electronics. The test process for a product starts with the simulations used in the design phase, includes fully automated SPI, AOI and X-ray inspections during production and DVP testing / analyses to EOL tests with ICT/FCT. For manufacturing our standard procedure encompasses automated and line-integrated testing. In the case of additive processes, high-tech inspection strategies may be employed for mechanics and electronics and in the audio or lighting sector. The test technologies developed by cms electronics meet all technological challenges.

Automation & assembly technologies

Semi-automatic & adaptable – fully automated & highly economical


Man and machine working together...

The innovative strength of our workforce coupled with diverse high-tech robotic solutions form the basis for automation technologies at cms. They are used in processes involving electronic and mechanical production, depanelling as well as testing and assembly. Smart and cyber are terms which should be put into practice here, for example via intuitive user interfaces or decentralised monitoring. Economic efficiency and process stability revolve around conceptual design and realisation. Here the automation level is geared to the requirements and implemented in practice to optimum effect using flexible, modular components.

Digitalisation & networking technologies

Fully connected & traceable – future-oriented & innovative


Networking is the most natural thing in the world...

As in Nature, networks also play a vital role in the manufacturing environment. Future success largely depends on close interaction between the people, machines and data involved in the value added process in the form of digital networks. cms electronics cultivates an extremely open and transparent communication culture and encourages staff to come up with their own innovative ideas. The focus here lies on horizontal and vertical integration of internal and external processes. Key milestones along the Industry 4.0 path include the consistent implementation of a traceability-excellence programme and successful creation of the necessary framework conditions, e.g. the introduction of an MES system as well as the conceptual design and implementation of cyber-physical manufacturing and monitoring systems.

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ECOFLEX - an all-rounder for testing

cms electronics specializes in the development of robot-based test systems.

Starting with the use of one robot in a rotary table - our basic system - cms electronics now has a fully automatic and flexible test platform for electronic assemblies - called ECOFLEX - in use.

Depending on the product requirements, cms electronics offers a wide range of test and measurement processes (ICT, FCT / FEASA-LED test, flashing / programming…). Coordinated measuring and testing times enable testing of up to 3 fundamentally different products and processing them simultaneously, efficiently and with short cycle times.


Optical drilling of PCBs

cms electronics plays a pioneering role in the precision electronics sector.

It uses a specially developed machine for the optical drilling of PCB base systems. The plant, which is installed in a separate, fully air-conditioned room, is designed for 6Ϭ process capability at 50µm. This is achieved by complex interaction between high-resolution cameras, precision positioning and perfectly coordinated software.

The use of optical drilling is one of the basic requirements for high-accuracy PCB systems with LEDs as used in lighting applications such as matrix headlamp technology in the automotive industry.

Laser optical high-precision placement

Technological advances and the trend towards miniaturisation requires ever tinier components to be mounted with shrinking tolerances, yet at high speed and maintaining process reliability.

In the past the key factor was the shape and size of the housings and boards, providing for a process capability in the order of 3σ. Thanks to our new Hybrid 5 machine from Assembléon cms electronics can offer process capability of 6σ and an accuracy of 50μm.

Our customers are thus guaranteed maximum precision and quality right down the line!