Quality & Environment


"He who believes he is something has ceased to become anything." (Socrates)

We are the reliable, active and flexible partner to our customers and offer them innovative, high-quality solutions.

In our aim to always offer the customer "electronics all inclusive" whatever the sector, it is our duty to never stand still and to continuously develop the concept of quality in all areas.

Versatility is our greatest strength, in particular our many decades of experience in the many different segments of the electronics industry. This is why we have been awarded the title of BestEMS in the category Quality on more than one occasion. For us this is simultaneously acknowledgement and encouragement to continue along our chosen path.

Quality all inclusive

At cms electronics we understand quality all inclusive to mean ...

  • ... not only the individual product, but the entire value-added process.

  • ... our culture of striving to satisfy all customer requirements as well as for continuous improvement and further development.

  • ... our highly motivated and experienced workforce.

  • ... the active management of risks and opportunities to ensure reliable products and the long-term success of our business.

This is for us not only a prerequisite but also confirmed by our ISO certificates ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949.


Sustainable operations secure the future of our business. We see environmental protection as an investment in our future and that of our children.


As a global business we are also aware of our responsibility in relation to worldwide and long-term challenges such as new demographic trends, climate change and the scarcity of resources. This is why we have made environmental protection an integral part of our business operations.

We offer customers reliable, top-quality and environmentally compatible products, which are manufactured in conformity with the applicable regulations governing environmental protection and Health & Safety.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our Health & Safety programme as well as to measures designed to help reinforce environmental protection and encourage our staff to act in an awareness of the environment.

Environmental protection all inclusive

As a technology company we depend on a wide range of raw materials. Given the growing scarcity of resources, frugal usage of these materials is in our eyes not merely an obligation from an ecological viewpoint, but also makes sense at an economic level. We therefore continuously work on reducing our consumption of such resources.

It is our declared objective – an aim that is enshrined in the environmental policy of cms – to manufacture our products while avoiding pollution as far as possible and conserving resources to the maximum extent.

All our sites are certified according to the ISO14001 environmental management standard to ensure these principles are implemented systematically, i.e. from product development through procurement and manufacturing to disposal and recycling.

To guarantee the responsible consumption of materials we closely comply with the applicable provisions and also demand conformity with all regulations by our suppliers as well as fulfilment of their obligations of notification and information for the supply of hazardous substances.