Our Service - Your Profit: development service from cms electronics

As a commissioned project, cms electronics is currently supporting the development of a control system for the automated DC charging of batteries and bringing it to series production. The end device is intended to achieve independence from charging options.

For and with the customer MEBREX cms electronics is developing a universal control device for controlling or regulating a motor-generator unit with a DC output. The aim is to enable an independent energy supply in combination with alternative energy sources and battery storage systems while saving costs and resources.

The cms electronics team works closely with the start-up company. "The creativity and impartiality in the approach to this project is also inspiring for cms electronics," says Harald Pasterk, who heads the development team at cms electronics, about the collaboration.

After the development and prototype phase, series production by cms electronics should also take place after the pre-series and approval. The production of the first prototypes has recently started and cms electronics is about to successfully implement the product. Of course, MEBREX can also count on the service of the EMS service provider cms electronics.

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