2015 saw the manufacture of 100,000,000 vehicles. One part of any one will contain electronics from cms electronics: components produced by our company are fitted in leading marques all over the world.


We are the preferred partner to the automotive industry thanks to our decades of experience, flexible approach, fast response and high quality standards.

We stand out with the millions of pieces manufactured by our high-efficiency, robot-based factory and guarantee short production times, maximum precision and quality as well as low PPM rates.


We produce a wide range of applications such as body control systems, power train systems and e-Mobility systems. Maximum precision is needed for LED applications and sensor technology and we ensure this by using highly accurate pick-and-place machines and optical drill machines. Other electronic components supplied by cms electronics for an extension range of marques include various operating controls, control systems, infotainment applications etc.


ISO 9001  ISO 14001  IATF 16949

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