Procurement Services in Asia

Procurement Service ASIA

Supply chains with a global base open up many options and opportunities for increasing the value contributed by procurement to the success of a company. At the same time however, it is necessary to be mindful of the various risks and assess them accordingly.


In recent years cms electronics has built up an extensive, stable and successful network of suppliers throughout the world. This supplier base and our years of international experience enable us to confront the challenges of a global supply chain. It allows cms electronics to directly offer customer-oriented and long-term procurement and norm-based strategies to individual purchasers.

Procurement | Quality Assurance | Purchasing

This is the constellation chosen by Procurement Services Asia at cms electronics to ensure efficient procurement strategies, long-term quality management and  effective purchasing.

Many very different factors play a key role in these three sub-areas while nonetheless interconnecting so you as a customer benefit from a versatile overall concept.


Procurement encompasses here the overall coordination of suppliers, sample management and negotiations.

We cultivate and improve supplier relationships based on our evaluation of suitable vendors and the negotiation of appropriate terms of business. This allows us to achieve the best possible conditions in the locality for your supplier contracts at the customer's wish. It additionally guarantees the specification and coordination of sample production to optimum effect.

As a result, cms electronics always has a full overview of the supply chain and can so reduce possible risks here.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance consists of two sub-groups, Quality Control and Quality Management.

Quality Control encompasses a wide range of inspections such as prefabrication / first sample testing, in-process control (IPC), predelivery check, monitoring of loading, defect sorting, production monitoring, platform inspection and laboratory testing.

Quality Management comprises generalised audits such as basic factory audits, detailed plant audits based on ISO 9000 as well as social accountability audits according to SA 8000.


Time and coordination play a key role in Purchasing.

To ensure optimised logistics we set up suitable logistics systems (HUB, consolidation, ...) so you can always rely on receiving your goods at the right place and on time.

Should things unusually not go entirely to plan, our staff are on the spot and will clarify all issues in the framework of complaints management.



  • Besides English we also communicate in Cantonese and Mandarin . This allows us to create a feeling of mutual trust, to negotiate clear terms and to resolve problems fast.

  • Our awareness of the cultural differences between European customers and Chinese suppliers ensures that negotiations arrive at the best possible results.


  • One of our priorities is the identification of suitable vendors and the performance of in-process quality assurance.

  • We avail ourselves here of global partners or our own engineers to deliver the best possible solutions.

  • We protect your intellectual property rights. All drawings and confidential documents are processed in anonymised form.

Knowledge of the market & market access

  • Verified and well-maintained vendor database to identify the right supplier for you quickly and accurately.

  • Personal contact with suppliers, so offering attractive purchasing options via industry experts and decision-makers


  • The lower wage and manufacturing costs in Asia result in a cost reduction in the low to middle double-digit percentage range.

  • Clear-cut contract manufacturing with a strong focus on process control.