Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

For cms electronics supply chain management is more than just logistics! Here we bring together all tasks involved in supplier selection, procurement, production and logistics and coordinate cooperation between everyone involved in the process.


We work with you to jointly develop a logistical concept that is perfectly tailored to your product, e.g. just-in-time delivery, kanban, consignment store, etc. Apart from optimum availability, we also always keep an eye on economic efficiency.

We are happy to take charge of tasks such as customs clearance, shipping documents or delivery, including to your customers.

Sustainability is a priority for cms electronics. This is why we do not just pay attention to the selection of raw materials, disposal and logistical organisation – processes at our company take place electronically, in a paperless environment.

At cms electronics MORE means clear-cut structuring

At our firm supply chain management is subdivided into two areas. Firstly, the area of Customer Service & Procurement. Acting as the interface between our customers, cms electronics and vendors, we will look after your concerns and interests here.

The second area is Purchasing. Here we take charge of logistics, lifecycle management and obsolescence management for you via supplier relationship management and our Procurement Services in Asia. This allows you to benefit from a wide range of options thanks to our experience and cooperation with local suppliers.

Customer Service / Procurement

One customer
One contact
One customer team
One objective

Our orientation to the customer revolves around our Customer Service department. It manages order processing for our customers as well as the procurement of material from our suppliers, so ensuring effective cooperation between all associated processes.

Customer Service

Functioning as an internal nerve centre, our Customer Service department is the point of contact for you.

We look after your concerns such as: 

  • Delivery both on time and in the right quantity

  • Synchronisation with subsuppliers

  • Flexibility of demand


Where procurement is concerned, the recipe for success is: the right time, the right quantity, the right quality.

At cms the tasks of processing your orders and procurement of the components are rolled into one person. This means that customers have a knowledgeable contact for their supply at all times.

Key procurement tools include:

  • Lead time management

  • Warehouse management

  • Logistics management

  • Transport management


The cost of materials generally represents the biggest share of product costs and as such, is the responsibility of the Purchasing department. This department therefore makes an important contribution to the lasting success of a project and the company. At cms electronics we call on all our specialist knowledge of purchasing and procurement (Design for Cost / Design for Logistics) right from the start. Our international buying network allows us to offer you the most efficient components strategy and thus optimum (Best Cost) market prices. This way the benefits of joint cost management can be implemented with lasting effect.

Our activities are based on a striving for continuous improvement... including for purchasing. The use of high-quality, low-cost components, supplied via our international vendor network, therefore undergoes constant evaluation.

A key objective of strategic purchasing at cms electronics is to permanently reduce the overall costs of a product (total cost of ownership – TCO).

Key tools in strategic purchasing include:

  • Supplier management

  • Material group management

  • Inventory management

  • cms - Supplier relationship management - Portal with supplier / master data management, eProcurement, Purchase order management and eSourcing

Supplier Relationship Management

Our POOL4TOOL customer and vendor portal is used to incorporate all business partners along the entire value-added chain. This platform is designed to automatically handle enquiry and order processes for all materials and to act as a communication base for buyers and suppliers.

The following areas are covered here:

  • SRM registration
    The registration process for vendors is controlled by an automated workflow, so doing away with laborious data capture.

  • eSourcing
    Electronic enquiry and quotation processes for standard parts are managed by the portal. Vendors can quote directly here.

  • eProcurement
    eProcurement offers uniform control of the electronic catalogue and free text demand requirements and thus harmonises the procurement of C items.

  • eOrdering
    Automated processing enables the efficient ordering of materials and services for both customers and suppliers.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High consistency of processes with low investment needs

  • Transparent, structured cooperation procedures

  • Simple, prompt feedback

  • Improved coordination with cms electronics Purchasing

  • Low input of effort and reduction in process costs

  • Reduction in potential sources of error on data capture

  • No additional costs from physical document transfer

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Lifecycle Management & Logistics

Lifecycle management (obsolescence)

Besides the initial phase, continuous monitoring and organisation of the security of supply represents a key factor in materials management.

cms electronics employs various tools to constantly evaluate the materials used in terms of obsolescence, lifetime, alternative products, conflict minerals, etc.

This ensures a timely and optimum response to changes in market conditions for the entire supply chain.


Thanks to its network of forwarding agents cms electronics can offer many different options for implementing low-cost, sustainable logistics on your behalf. Our well-organized, professional network provides benefits in terms of speed, independence, sustainability, flexibility, cost efficiency, quality and innovation

The logistics expertise of cms electronics also allows it to implement a logistical solution tailored to your needs such as JIT, JIS or kanban.