New location 2019

New location for cms electronics gmbh

cms electronics get ready for the demands of the future and build a new headquarter. The head office and production of cms electronics in Klagenfurt will move during the second half of 2019.

The new location is just 600 m away from our present address Ebentaler Strasse and will offer significant advantages:

- improved and spacious infrastructure 

- increased production capabilities

- optimised in-house logistics

A total of around 10 million euros will be invested in the new location, thereby doubling the production area. The increase in production capacity will be achieved by the installation of another 8th high-precision assembly line and a second multi-function robot system - an in-house development by cms electronics. The addition of new employees is also planned for the new location.


AreaActualNewIncrease in %
Production incl. lab2.050 m²4.400 m²+ 115 %
Storage1.050 m²1.900 m²+ 81 %
Various   100 m²   200 m²+ 100 %
Bureaus1.000 m²1.600 m²+ 60 %
Total4.200 m²8.100 m²+ 93 %



Advanced Infrastructure & Work Environment

Air conditioning
At the previous location, the SMT area was air-conditioned to guarantee a constant temperature for the production of the electronics.The new location is fully air conditioned. This ensures that the temperature remains constant from the start of the production until the end.
ESD precautions
In accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1 Rev. 2007, we perform our ESD tests and have 100% ESD protection.With the move, the ESD test is carried out in accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1 Rev. 2017 and guarantees 100% ESD protection according to the latest technology.
Cleanliness room
Our current location meets the industrial standard.With the move, we create a clean room (SaS2) according to VDA 19.2 with the basic prerequisite for a clean room (SaS3).
SMT Area
Currently, the SMT area is separated into 3 and 4 SMT-Lines.With the move, the SMT area is brought together and we install an additional SMT line, so we have 8 SMT lines.
SMT High precision assembly
At the current location, a high precision SMT line (HP-dispenser + Hybrid 5) is installed.At the new site, we double the capacity of high-precision assembly with a second HP-SMT-line.
Technological development
With high-precision assembly and optical
drilling cms electronics already uses
state-of-the-art technologies.

At the new site cms electronics will offer:

  • Extension of the analysis options
  • Extension of environmental audits
  • Robot based EOL testing station
  • 8th SMT line of the latest generation
  • Pin insertion of the latest generation
Production and material flow
In the 15 years of existence, cms electronics has grown continuously and has been extended by several structural measures. The production and material flow is adapted to the current conditions.The new location will provide a completely planned and optimized production and material flow. Short ways guarantee a careful management of resources.
Logistic interface
In- and outbound deliveries take place outdoors. They are often affected by the weather.The new building is equipped with loading docks for trucks. All deliveries are free from weather conditions. The access drive has a generous maneuvering area.

Due to the grown structures, cms electronics has

  • an inbound warehouse
  • an external warehouse and
  • a maintenance warehouse.

Everything is under one roof! The new warehouse will optimally use the existing storage areas.

The new AutoStore system - an automatic storage system for the reams of components which cms electronics processes every day - replaces the individual shuttle storages previously used.

Material handling
Long internal transport routes cause unnecessary delays. Repackaging and intermediate transports pose potential for errors.

Optimized transport routes and equipment.

With the optimized material flow and one warehouse for all material, transport between the individual warehouses becomes obsolete. The delays and possible mistakes due to unnecessary material manipulation are minimized.

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