Your apprenticeship at cms electronics

We are an international, innovative and successful company based in the Austrian region of Carinthia. From the outset we have offered training for young people as investment in both our and their future.


Every year highly skilled workers complete apprenticeships at our firm. You will learn the most through practical work every day directly 'on the job', while theory and in-depth general knowledge are taught at technical college. You'll round off your apprenticeship by additionally attending various courses outside the company.

Our Apprenticeship Offer

At our firm you can train as a mechatronics technician. This course includes the planning, manufacture, assembly, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of electromechanical and electronic devices, assemblies and systems and lasts 3½ years.

No good at electronics and mechanics? No problem! We also offer commercial traineeships.

You want to do more for your future? We additionally offer the option of an apprenticeship combined with the higher school-leaving examination (Matura).

Our current job offer

Unfortunately, we are currently not offering any apprenticeships.

The application deadline was 29/02/2024.

A new apprentice will then be accepted for autumn 2025, applications are possible from November 2024.

Tips submitting an application

It is always important to submit a good application!

We must receive applications for an apprenticeship with all documents by the end of February. Following an initial review you will be invited to attend a selection test.

An application always consists of: 

  • a cover letter

  • a CV

  • your report cards

  • and other attachments such as certificates, diplomas, references, etc. documenting any additional skills you can offer

Always make sure you send in all the documents we require. Preferably electronically as a pdf or of course also by post.

Here are a few tips for your application!

The cover letter

It's this letter that makes the first impression! And you don't get another chance at making one!

For this reason it's very important to formulate your letter in a clear, orderly manner. It should also reflect your personality and well as your interest and willingness to learn.

The harder you try here, the better your chance of being invited to attend the selection test.

The key elements of your cover letter include:

  • The letterhead, giving your name and the addressee's, as well as the place and date of writing

  • The reference – what you are applying for

  • The salutation

  • The body of the letter

  • Attachments – please list all documents attached to your application

Your Curiculum Vitae (CV)

A CV is the most important part of every application.

It is a brief summary of your life so far. Pay special attention here to providing a clear, structured and chronological description and a informative portrait of yourself.

The key items to include are:

  • A photograph (passport photo, a formal picture!)

  • Your full name

  • Address, telephone number, e-mail (with more than one telephone number preferably listed one after the other)

  • Date / place of birth, marital status, nationality

  • Previous education: Schools, vocational training, continuing education – listed chronologically in the form of a table

  • Work experience (where have you worked before? in what job?) – listed chronologically in the form of a table

  • Any special skills and qualifications (foreign languages, knowledge of IT) – always making sure that they are relevant to the position in question

  • Special interests (hobbies) – if we are then more likely to make a positive assessment of your application

  • Date, place (make sure you use the current date), signature


Attachments to your application are used to provide us with additional information so we can get a more accurate picture of you beforehand. For example your report card: This provides an overview of your achievements to date. At school you should therefore show yourself to be an interested and enthusiastic student so you'll have a satisfactory report to include with your application.

The most important attachments are here:

  • Our application form (download here)

  • Your most recent half-yearly report

  • Work experience certificates

  • Other certificates, diplomas, references, etc. documenting any additional qualifications

  • For minors (up to 16 years) the written consent of the parents / guardians for the data processing

The selection test

The aim of our selection test is to discover to what extent your capabilities and interests match up with an apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician. For us it is not only important you choose the right apprenticeship, but also that we train committed and interested youngsters for our future.

The selection test is basically a test of general knowledge and any skills you already have to offer in electronics and/or mechanics or in relation to commerce.

Your dream job awaits

Interested in an apprenticeship as a mechatronics technician or a commercial trainee? Then apply to train at our company right away!

We look forward to hearing from you!


Your contact for questions about our apprenticeship:

Catherine Waldmann
HR Generalist




Please complete the application in full.
Scan all your certificates, report cards, etc. as a PDF and attach them here.
Have you got any other attachments? Then scan them in as a PDF as well and attach them here.