Test concepts & testing

Certainty for your product

Quality, durability and reliability are the key factors for every product. Tests give you certainty that your product will function properly and meet its specific parameters.


The variety of your electronics is matched by the diversity of our test planning. A raft of tests is required to guarantee that customers are supplied with high-quality, functional products.

With our Design for Testability programme we ensure from the outset that simple, cost-optimised testing of your product is possible throughout the production process.

Testing all inclusive

Our years of experience in testing is reflected in our approach. Test planning at our firm consists of four areas so we can offer testing systems individually suited to every product. They are as follows: the development of a testing strategy, the creation of a test concept, in-house construction of test equipment and performance of the various tests.

Testing strategy

A good strategy makes all the difference! We work with and on behalf of our customers to develop the perfect strategy for their product. We take a variety of test systems into consideration right from the start, assessing which are in line with the customer's requirements and so incorporating them in our testing strategy.

Our solutions cover a wide range of test options. From optical testing, 3D paste inspection (SPI) and automatic optical inspection (AOI), through functional checks and in-circuit tests to customer-specific optical inspections and stress tests.

We are able to perform such testing with the help of our individual test stations, rotary tables and automatic robot-based machines.

Test concept

Our test concepts are characterised by their unique design. The individuality of your product is matched by the uniqueness of our concept. Our staff plan and produce test equipment and programs tailored to your product to ensure you are offered a solution that is efficient both in terms of costs and manufacture.

We employed this approach when developing our own test system: the UMS 2010. Completely flexible and designed for individual usage, this platform allows us to generate optimum efficiency for you.

The UMS 2010 is used on a daily basis with the robotic base systems developed by our company and permits simple, fast testing of manufactured assemblies. Cost efficiency is ensured here thanks to its fully automated design.

Construction of test equipment

We take the unique design of our concepts to the next level with in-house construction of the relevant test equipment. The expertise we have acquired here over the years allows us to guarantee independent, fast and high-quality production and maintenance of test units.

Our test equipment is based on the UMS 2010 test system, which was designed by our company. This versatile basic system allows us to amalgamate the hardware and software developed in-house in an effective manner and so produce optimum yet affordable test devices which satisfy your requirements.

As our expertise grows in the course of new challenges and technical advances, we will be able to develop our systems further. You as the customer can thus be certain that our company will always use the best technology to test your product.


When it comes to manufacturing your electronic components, the zero defects principle is our philosophy. It is thus important to develop and apply a practical, tailor-made combination of different test procedures.

As a customer you benefit from the expertise of our staff and the strategies, concepts and test equipment they have specially developed. Our wide selection of test processes covers the full range: from in-circuit testing (ICT), through functional checks and high-potential tests to stress testing (burn-in / run-in-tests).

We also employ variations of these tests using individual test stations or with our fully automated systems according to the requirements, needs and production volumes specified by yourself.