Development and product introduction


A successful product starts with a good idea. Creating technical objects through careful consideration, testing and engineering, development forms the basis for the society of today and tomorrow.



Our Development team will help you put your ideas into practice. The scope of this cooperation will depend on the product and your wishes. Some of our customers design their electronics to the smallest detail themselves – others concentrate on the functional specifications and completely outsource development.

The proximity of our Development department to the manufacturing environment guarantees from the start the use of optimum production processes, minimum lead times and top product quality.

Development all inclusive

Our Development team covers the following areas: project management, circuit design, hardware development incl. layout, software development, engineering and design, sample development and prototyping, endurance and environmental testing, and a whole lot more.

Whether you are looking at new or further development or optimising a design – with us you are always at the right place!

NPI - New Product Introduction

To create a successful product and maximise the share of added value, it is important for development and product introduction to go hand in hand.



From prototyping to the finished standard product and its subsequent transition to serial production, the NPI (New Product Introduction) department at cms electronics will share the responsibility for ensuring your product is a resounding success.

The expertise available at our firm allows your electronics to be optimised in terms of manufacturing/costs and developed ready to go into production. For it is during the overall NPI process that up to 80% of the subsequent costs of manufacture will be determined.

Design for Excellence

NPI thus stands for Design for Excellence (DfX). This definition has been developed in cooperation with ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association) under the "Service in EMS" initiative. DFX is made up of 3 stages consisting of product definition, the selection of materials and suppliers in cooperation with our purchasing department and prototyping.

Where product definition is concerned, there are 2 key factors. Firstly, Design for Testability (DfT) and secondly, Design for Manufacturing (DfM). This starts with risk minimisation, with both the testing concepts and the manufacturing specifications already being designed in close alignment with serial production.

The selection of materials and suppliers consists of Design for Cost (DfC) and Design for Logistics (DfL). With these two principles in mind, our specialists from the NPI department and Purchasing work together very closely to achieve the best possible result. One priority here is to ensure the availability and reliability of supply of the materials required. We also perform a cost-benefit analysis and guarantee cost transparency.

DfX finishes with prototyping. Initial samples are manufactured in a production environment close to actual conditions and the testing and production concept is verified. Readiness for production is examined here in close cooperation with the Development department.

The classical mechanisms of the integrated logistics concept then come into play via the supply chain and structuring of the production line. At the end of the process you get your product, in tried and tested quality, on time and in the quantities you require.