Living up to the Latin word "industria" meaning 'diligence, industriousness', the manufacture of high-quality products at cms electronics is both fast and reliable.


The industrial sector is characterised by an extensive range of electronic components in a great variety of sizes and models, and it is above their complexity and density that constantly drive us forwards. 

As our customer you are guaranteed fast, efficient production with low PPM rates thanks to our precision placement machines, customised robotic base system, highly qualified staff and our understanding of quality.


Varied requirements call for varied solutions! cms electronics can deliver the industrial solution for you: embedded systems, measuring systems and sensors. Another contribution we make to everyday life is the production of power packs and power electronics to supply the energy required by diverse devices and equipment. In the communications sector you can find PCBs cms has assembled for example in radio transponders. We are always in the know, particularly where temperatures are concerned. As a manufacturing partner for industrial LED applications, heating technology and cooling equipment we deliver top quality to our customers.


ISO 9001  ISO 14001

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