cms electronics on expansion course

Investments at production site Fonyod - Hungary.

cms electronics gmbh now owns 87% of the company's shares in the Hungarian location, 13% remain with the previous local partner. The business relationship between cms manufacturing and cms electronics, which has existed since its foundation in 2005, is strengthened by these changes in the company structure.

"The takeover of the shares has offered itself, as a shareholder withdraws from the business for reasons of age," explains Michael Velmeden. "It happened at the right time as we had just completed our most successful year."

At the same time, the company purchased the complete property and building structure. This means that a total of 6000 m² of production space (including space reserves) is now available at the Hungarian production site. After remodelling and adaptation the additional space will be used for the planned expansion of the capacities in manual production and for manufacturing of medical products. With the increase in capacity, the company plans also to increase significantly the number of employees during the year.