Continuity and Innovation - New management for our Chinese subsidiaries

Our long-time companion and member of the Executive Board, Mr Sven Skjellet, has taken the position of Legal Representative for our subsidiaries in China.

Sven Skjellet with the cms electronics team in China

Mr Skjellet is an experienced and respected leader who has successfully contributed to the development of our global group of companies for many years. With the support of the local team - Sandy Yeung as Local Responsible Director and Markus Quendler as Executive Managing Director - he will continue the success story of our Chinese subsidiaries. This decision represents continuity in the management of our subsidiaries, while at the same time focussing on innovation and growth.

"We are confident that Mr Skjellet will fill the position with commitment and foresight to further strengthen our global presence," said CEO Michael Velmeden.

The photo was taken during the recent visit to China - Sven Skjellet with Tim Yao, Boris Huang, Sandy Yeung and Markus Quendler.