cms electronics successfully recertified according to EN ISO13485 and ISO14001!

Furthermore, the electronics manufacturing service provider cms electronics has had its product development certified according to ISO13485.

The monitoring audits and recertification of the management systems according to ISO 9001, 14001 (environment), 13485 (medicine) and IATF16949 (automotive) – all already implemented in the organization - were successfully completed recently and the fulfilment of the requirements was confirmed by our external certification service provider.

To highlight is that the locations in Klagenfurt / AT and Fonyod / HU have achieved ISO13485 recertification with the expansion of product development. The additional offer of certified product development contributes to the competitiveness of the company, since cms electronics would like to expand the medical products division. The location in March-Freiburg / Germany was also successfully recertified in accordance with the standards ISO13485 and ISO9001 as well. Products can be manufactured in Austria, Germany and / or Hungary according to needs and customer requirements.

Furthermore, the merging of the management systems of Klagenfurt and Fonyod was confirmed. The plant in Hungary is now the Extended Manufacturing Site of the Klagenfurt location. By aligning the processes, significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness could be achieved.

Here you can download the current certificates...